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About Pilates

About Pilates

History of Pilates - Contrology

Pilates Method is a system of exercises that was created early last century by Joseph H. Pilates. Combining elements of eastern methods such as yoga, Zen meditation and martial arts with Western forms of exercise, and highlighting the strength and endurance, he has created a unique system of 500 exercises, mental and physical training program called Contrology, under which it is meant to connect the mind and body as well as basic principles.

Stabilizer muscles and posture

Designed as a method of body sculpting, Pilates is a system of exercises to shape the body with emphasis on deep muscle group, and stabilizer muscles responsible for the establishment of proper body posture.


Principles of Pilates are based on Pilates methods and make it unique among the methods of exercise

One of the basic principles Pilates method is certainly breathing, breathing out in particular that it is active and further activating the deepest layers of the abdomen.When performing the exercises, focus is put on the center of the body or the muscles of the abdomen, lower back and buttocks. Creating an active abdominal wall in this area simulates a ring around the body, or the active center of the body from which every Pilates exercise is performed. When performing Pilates exercises it is needed to retain control and precision of movement which requires great concentration and correlation of body and mind. Movements that are performed in accordance with coordinated breathing should retain the fluidity and grace.

Since Pilates engages all muscles, the body works as a whole, and very quickly we can get substantial results in terms of increasing strength, endurance and body flexibility.


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