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About Us

About Us

Why I'M Pilates?

Today, the Pilates method is practiced in many Pilates studios and fitness centers. You've tried several of them, but you still have the feeling that "this is not it"?

In I'M Pilates Studio key principles of Pilates method are fostered in line with modern knowledge of physiotherapy. After training in I'M Pilates Studio you will feel pleasantly tired because of good training. No pain in back and joints caused by unnatural asymmetrical movements. No exercises for which you can not see which muscle groups they are really affecting. No exercises for which you don't unterstand their meaning.

I'M Pilates method is a target-oriented method and adjusted to your needs. Get envious increase in strength, endurance and flexibility.

Individual approach

Individual approach to training as an essential element of Pilates exercises and working in small groups (up to max. 9 persons) provide students with the guarantee of proper exercises execution through constant supervision of instructors.

Program and training structure are continually adapted to the students through the stages of their progress in terms of knowledge, skills and ability, through the addition of loads, equipment and more complex elements of the exercise.

In I'M Pilates studio every class is a new challenge.

A large and growing base of satisfied customers is the guarantee of the quality of our work.

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