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Individual approach

In order to maintain high quality training for our members and groups are approached individually.

In our studio Mat Pilates is practiced in groups of up to 9 people. Exercises are adapted to different levels of knowledge and physical fitness. Workout in small groups gives instructor the possibility to modify some exercises with regard to the condition of students and the instructor gets better control over students. Also within a small group, if required, instructor can provide an easier or harder variation of the exercise. Also instructor monitors and is in position to timely correct participants. All this guarantees better results and faster progress of students through all levels of Pilates exercises.

Additional equipment

The use of additional props, such as the Pilates ring, small and large balls, elastic strips, etc. grants diversity within the exercise program by making exercises more interesting and students repeatedly motivated to exercise. Using equipment training is becoming more demanding, with greater intensity, and is increasing the proportion of superficial muscle strength, increasing overall muscle tone and favors reducing subcutaneous adipose tissue.


Individual training or training in small groups (up to 9 people) allows the student under the guidance of the instructor the proper execution of Pilates exercises, according to Pilates principles and thus achieve greater impact of Pilates training. Individual approach to the participants tailores exercises to their physical constitution and fitness. Individual training in a shorter period of time ensures better performance of fitness training than that achievable in crowded centers.

Personal training

They are held as private (1 person) or semi-private (2 people) training. Individual training is completely personalized, within each training exercise by selecting the specific posture and critical zones of each student. Control over the exercisers and proper exercises provide better and more complete results.


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